Empathetic Management with Derek Prior

December 12, 2019

We're back from break with Derek Prior on the show for episode number seven!

Derek is an engineering manager at GitHub. Working to improve developer productivity, he and the team have delivered such hits as: Suggested Changes, Free Private Repos, Community Contributors, and GitHub Sponsors. Prior to that, Derek was a Development Director at thoughtbot, and co-host of The Bike Shed podcast.

The Bike Shed has got to be one of my favorite podcasts out there, and I was super excited at the opportunity of catching up with Derek. Our conversation spanned all sorts of topics I've been curious about, and I came away from this session with a whole new perspective on management.

On the show, we walk through his experiences learned transitioning from engineer to manager, the unexpected challenges that came along the way, and helpful advice for building a healthy and productive team.

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